NEW TRAINING: The Perfect Customer Journey 

Most business owners KNOW they have opportunity slipping through the cracks, but they don’t know what to do about it. This stops NOW!

Never waste time and money again piecing together tools. Take control of your business today with our All-In-One system.

Close More Sales, Track and Convert More Prospects & WOW Your Customers for Life

Frustrated with growing your business all on your own?

Tired of trying to make a one size fits all marketing strategy work when it doesn’t?

Sick of paying thousands of dollars to piece together tools to make solutions that don't work?

Wish there was a way to automate leads and conversions so you could focus on business growth instead of survival?

We have designed and built entire marketing and sales systems which include ALL the tools as well as the strategies that will scale with your business. 

Say Goodbye to Chaos, Confusion and
Inconsistent Results! 

At Confluence Business Solutions, you get the tools, the strategy and the execution you need that aligns with your business goals.

Find Freedom From the Minutia

Stop wasting time each day performing the same mundane manual tasks. We will help you find freedom by automating repetitive tasks in your day, saving you time as well as reducing errors in your workload and marketing efforts. Automation actually builds your brand reputation by delivering timely on your promises, providing consistent branding and messaging and keeping track of where someone is in your sales funnel.

Make More Consistent Revenue

No more struggling with knowing the best way to make money in your business. Let us help you create digital marketing strategies for highly segmented customer groups, allowing you more consistent results time over time. Our dashboard will keep you informed of where the money is coming from and when. Our systems also include the text to pay option making it even more convenient for your clients to pay while on the go.

Retain Customers for Life

A new client can cost anywhere from 3 to 30 times more than keeping an existing customer. What do you do when someone new joins your group, or when you secure a new customer? Our system provides our clients with integrated tools for every aspect of their sales funnel, from generating new leads, to converting a lead to a customer and then helping them Wow that person for life. Let us help you create raving fans to your business!

You don't have to be a marketing and tech guru to be relevant and innovative.

By bridging together the marketing, technology, automation and strategy into one fully integrated system that operates cohesively and effectively, we grow sales, increase service quality and delivery, and retain customers .  

Why Choose Us

Confluence Business Solutions builds strategic marketing systems that align with your business goals. We have helped over 100 clients overcome challenges by providing customized marketing and sales systems to fit their unique business needs. And we can do the same for you.

What Others Are Saying

Kelly S

Freelance Sales Copywriter

Kelly S

My website was a disaster and I cringed every time I looked at it.

I knew I needed to make some big changes to my website but I resisted because of my previous experience working with website designers and developers. They were outrageously expensive, went over budget and were often unable to deliver on time. Then I found Christi! What a great experience I've had and the best investment I've ever made! Not only did she design a beautiful website that I absolutely love, she was quick to offer suggestions regarding affordable technology solutions and improving end user experience. All of the features I wanted work properly and make sense. I can now confidently drive traffic to a website that represents my business and my work. I highly recommend Christi to any company or business owner who is looking for beautiful design, marketing and technology solutions that work, and a great end user experience delivered on time and within budget. 


Dance Coach & Entrepreneur


Confluence Business Solutions was great to work with! They make it very clear to understand the process and they takes the time to really understand the work.

Madison B

Lifestyle Coach

Madison B

I highly recommend Christi! She was a pleasure to work with. She was helpful, honest, and maximized our time working together. She walks her talk when it comes to Infusionsoft and how to make the best use of my investment. Christi credited herself as both a strategic and creative thinker and that’s exactly what I got. She shed light on opportunities I had not considered and had great plans to put them into practice. I have learned a lot from this experience.

Our Process

  1. 1
    Free Consult
    First step is to schedule a free consultation to discuss your business goals, what you'd like to accomplish and to see if we're a fit.
  2. 2
    Project Kickoff
    Next, we design the marketing and sales system unique to your business needs and goals.
  3. 3
    Execute Plan
    Thirdly, here's where that vision takes shape. Working together, we build the system that will achieve your business goals and train you how to use it.
  4. 4
    Greenlight to Launch
    After all testing is complete, we send your content out into the world. You will be prepared to monitor the data and use the analytics to make adjustments for optimization.

What We Do

Get out of the ineffective, irrelevant and cookie cutter cycle and into something that leads to more consistent revenue, higher conversion rates and lifelong customers who rave about your business.

Are you tired of spending too much money marketing your business only to have it feel completely impersonal and looking exactly like everyone else, or worse, you're not doing much of anything at all? 

Have you been piecing together one solution after another, creating chaos in your marketing, all in an effort to build the lasting customer relationship you want?

You are not the only one who struggles with building efficient and affordable automations. We know just how frustrating and expensive this can be! Duct taping solutions, being pulled in multiple directions and spending way too much money without seeing results! Fortunately, we have found a better way! 

We have helped over 100 clients overcome these challenges by building customized systems to fit their unique business needs.

Eliminate the guessing, the chasing and the worrying when it comes to finding clients.

The Fail Proof Framework for
Finding Clients Fast