4 Steps to a Successful Mindset

You want to be successful. You are working very hard to be successful. Yet, you don’t feel you have achieved success. Why is that? It doesn’t matter what your definition of success is, there is a clear and direct path to it. And more than likely, it is you that is blocking this path. To clarify, listed below are some habits and mindsets to practice in order to clear that path to success.

Working Harder

Have you ever heard of the old adage: Work smarter, not harder? Sounds nice, right? Let’s take a closer look at why that saying came to be. If your path to success is through hard work, there is a limit on how successful you will be. That limit will be defined on how hard you are able to work. There is a limit to your time, there is a limit to your energy and there are limits to your other resources. If you remain reliant on these finite resources, sooner or later you will reach your limit and your progress will plateau.

You have to shift your mindset away from this if you want to be successful. This is not negotiable. I have written before about the difference between growth and scaling. You can read that article here. Simply put, growth depends on the addition of resources, scaling does not.

Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Successful people all have one thing in common: they are comfortable in new and unfamiliar territories. To some people it comes naturally, to others they have to work at it. Success comes in giant leaps and bounds, not in familiar, short baby steps. Your first instinct may be to hold on even tighter in scary situations, but those are the times when you must let go of tight control and leap. Just make sure you are leaping in the direction you want to go. There is a saying in cycling to “look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go.” To clarify, if you look at the giant pothole while you’re cycling, your bicycle will follow your eyes, even though your head is saying “Don’t hit the pothole!” If you’re encountering a “pothole” in your business, focus on the direction you want to go.

You Deserve Unlimited Success

Many people suffer from imposter syndrome. Deep down, you feel like you’re not good enough, not smart enough, etc to deserve true success. Internally, you have 2 visions of what success looks like. First, there’s the vision of what other successful people have and secondly, what level of success you feel is achievable for you. In order to get past this, you must give yourself permission to become as successful as those other people. Get rid of those self-imposed limitations you have put on yourself. Do some work on your relationship with finances. I like to use vision boards to remain motivated and encourage myself to dream big. Once again, success is achieved through leaps and bounds, not 5 – 10% improvements.

Focus on The End Goal

First, you need to get a clear picture of what it is you want in your head. Not what you feel you deserve, what you really want. Take the time to visualize what it looks like, feels like, sounds like. Use all of your senses. Once you have that vision in front of you, your mind will accept it as what will happen and then you just have to get out of your own way and decide to go for it. At times, it will feel exhilarating, other times frightening. Just hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride.

If you are doing it right, you will be acting on decisions before you think you are ready. Leap first, then build your landing pad. One of the worst things you can do is to spend all your time, energy and money on creating something and then nobody purchases it.

Successful people find ways to get out of their own way. They don’t let their emotions or negative thoughts hold them back. What do you do to stay motivated and push through when times are tough? Share your tips in the comments below. We all could use a little help staying on track sometimes.


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