5 1/2 Tips for Building Your List

Recently I was talking to a new client that was getting familiar with their new marketing solution and I found us treading on some uncomfortable territory as he started asking me how I was going to grow his list and start advertising for him. Now this is not an uncommon misperception. Many people think that by signing on to an online marketing solution, they are going to suddenly start getting tons of new leads, but there is a step missing in this line of thinking that is worth clarifying. 

At Confluence Business Solutions, we use Infusionsoft to build marketing and business automation solutions. We love Infusionsoft (see our previous blog about why we love Infusionsoft so much!), but it is a tool or a vehicle for results, it is not the result itself. Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Mailchimp even, all offer tools that allows its users to nurture, convert and wow prospects and customers. 

I can build the most amazing funnel to sell my widgets, but the key is how you captivate the right audience that wants to buy those widgets. That’s where building your list comes in. The most amazing widgets in the word will not sell themselves. 

Networking / Peer Groups –Networking is something you either love or hate and it’s not about how outgoing or extraverted you are. Some of the most outgoing people I know do not get value out of networking and vice versa, I know some brilliant networkers who are very introverted. However, networking and peer groups or leads groups are all about relationship building. As the saying goes, people buy from people and they buy from people they know, like and trust.  The other great thing about networking and groups is it can be no cost, low cost, or high cost, its more about finding the best group that works for you.

Social Media –Again, from a cost perspective, you can spend nothing, a little or you can spend a lot, but what you are doing is creating visibility with your intended audience. If it takes approximately 7-8 touches to have a prospect take action, consider this in how you begin building that relationship. It might take 7 or 8 different touches and social media may be a great outlet to offer something of value to a prospect for free to get them to engage with you so you can begin your relationship building. The other great thing about social media is it’s a reflection of your brand. What you post, how you engage with your audience, all that matters and helps you build credibility in the online world. 

Blogging –what a great way to build credibility and give your prospects a taste of you, your company, your values, the way you work and more. At Confluence Business Solutions, our blog is a smattering of cute fun videos, some odd updates on this weird bus thing we are doing, and some valuable content about marketing and automation. Does this give you a sense of what’s important to us? I sure hope so! My guess is someone that wants a dedicated partner that doesn’t move around will not be intrigued by our business model and subsequently, they are not our ideal client We want to work with people who think that our move to moving with no roots is fun and exciting and doesn’t hamper our ability to do amazing work for their business. Oh and one more thing…blogging is good for SEO.

Likes/Shares –Related to both social media and blogging and I’ll tack on one more to this section, your emails…asking your existing list of followers and subscribers to like and share your content can have a big impact. Remember that whole know/like/trust we mentioned earlier? What better way to build trust and credibility than by having someone else who already feels that way forward along your post or message. 

Create a free tool/resource/offer – Contact information from a prospect is currency and everyone, like it or not is always thinking from the mindset of “what’s in it for me”. So, if you want their information, then be ready to offer something of value. Give a free resource like an e-book, or a workbook that helps plan something out, or a free consultation with you. 

If you are already doing some of these things, great than hopefully  you are on the right track! If your doing them and not seeing results, or the results are less than what you are striving for, perhaps it’s time to review those? 

While this list is not conclusive, if you are not building with the intention of growing your list and generating new leads, then your marketing software is an investment that is being wasted and can’t be to blame. Build amazing funnels, but don’t forget to think about and wherever possible budget how someone will get to that funnel. Good luck! 


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