5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A CRM

Let’s be honest, being a small business owner, or a soloprenuer, is a lot of work. 

No matter how you want to dress it up, running a business on your own, or with a small team, can be incredibly rewarding AND pretty tough all at the same time. 

There are lots of ways you can go about creating order and growth in your small business. You’ve probably tried a lot of them – spreadsheets, online calendars for appointments, invoicing software and email systems to keep sales info, client data and marketing tools straight. 

But if you’re trying to grow your business, make big moves and reach that next level, having a robust CRM (client relationship management) software system is going to be your greatest asset.  

As so much of our business has turned online, and we manage almost all aspects within computer systems, CRMs are quickly becoming the must-have piece of a successful small business. On average, businesses see a 29% increase in sales after they’ve started using a system. 

A CRM, like Keap, will provide the organization and ease you need to be able to focus on the parts of your business that need you most. 

If you’re spending more time than you’d like on the day-to-day admin tasks – while you’d rather be servicing your clients, building your network and refining your offer – then let’s look at 5 reasons your small business needs a CRM. 

  1. Client Info Doesn’t Manage Itself

What does a thriving small business need? Clients. Customers. An active and engaged audience. 

And how can you keep all of their information organized and optimized in a way that’s going to allow you to speak to them, address their needs and reach them exactly where they are on their customer journey?

With a CRM that makes it easy to tag, track and automate the process of engaging with each client on your list. You will know exactly who you’re speaking to and working with AND how to provide them with the best possible experience based on where they are.

  1. Keep Your Customers Engaged, Happy & Coming Back For More

Speaking of giving your customers the best possible experience…

With a CRM system in place, it’s easy to regularly engage with your email list of new and existing customers.

As you deliver consistent value, messaging and contact, you’re creating a loyal customer base that will come back to you for what they need AND share their love of your business with their network! 

When you use the communication and marketing automation that a CRM provides, you’re making sure that each client  inquiry, question and request for info is given immediate attention. 

Today’s clients want quick responses and timely follow up from you – with an automated process through your CRM, you can deliver this every time. 

  1. You Can’t Be Everywhere At Once

A universal truth in the world of entrepreneurship is that you quickly become a jack of all trades. 

You are a salesperson and a customer service rep. You manage billing and invoices while also writing emails, crafting sales copy and after all that, working with your clients on the service you provide. 

That’s exhausting!

However, with a really solid CRM system, you can set many of those tasks to happen in the background and you can take yourself out of the admin role and back to building your empire!

  1. Good Data and Analytics is A Small Business’ Best Pal

Knowing exactly what is happening in your business is #1. 

When you are able to forecast trends, create solid goals and better understand customer behavior based on data, the growth of your small business is achievable and sort of inevitable. 

A CRM system will automatically gather and analyze your business data – sales, revenue, email trends, customer behavior, etc – and give you everything you need to set goals, create marketing plans and see which parts of your business need a bit more attention. 

  1. A CRM Creates Internal Streamlining

A CRM system is the central hub for your whole business. Having all of your most important operating systems in one place allows you and your team to always be on the same page and have access to the same information. 

There is also an ease to integrating other software as your business grows and your needs change. A CRM that works with you and evolves as you do  will always be a huge asset. 

All of this makes the behind-the-scenes operations of your business easier to delegate to an assistant or VA, leaving you with the time you need to be the boss! 

Bottom line? One of the best things you can do for your small business is to put a robust CRM system in place. A system, like Keap, will allow you the ease of automation coupled with the organization you need to see the growth you desire. 

What questions do you have about bringing a CRM into your business?

Reach out to Christi and get the conversation started!


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