The Real Investment in Business Growth: Beyond the Price Tag of Success


Last summer, I made the largest investment into my business that I’ve ever made. It was scary and invigorating all at the same time. And the reality was, that wasn’t the first time I had been offered a big expensive program, but it was the first time that big program showed me a future I couldn’t achieve without doing something drastic.

At the time, the business was doing well, but I was butting up against a ceiling I could not break through, and I needed the benefit of an outsider’s eye, and this company promised me a future that really felt possible with their help.

Guess what my objection was?

I can’t afford it.

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That sales conversation haunted my thoughts and dreams for days. I talked to my wife and my peers, and I sat on it, and when I couldn’t make the thoughts stop, I knew I needed to find a way to make it happen. So that’s what I did!

The Price of Business Growth: Confronting Common Objections

In business and in life, there’s an unspoken truth we often encounter but rarely discuss openly: we invest in what we value most.

At Confluence Business Solutions, our mission is to reduce the number of small businesses that don’t make it to the five-year mark. We do this by making our core program, Automation on a Mission, as affordable as possible, while also offering the best of the best when it comes to how you run your business and automate the perfect customer journey.

We are, at our core, committed to the growth of our clients as we seek to constantly improve on the programs and the solutions we offer.

However, a recurring theme we’ve noticed, echoed in feedback and through our experiences, reveals a deeper underlying challenge. Despite our efforts to price our services affordably, be it through our technology product, our exclusive access to 1:1 support, or even our “done for you” setup, we’ve encountered the all too common objection, “I can’t afford it”. And recently, it’s made me reflect on my big decisions last year and the ones I continue to make and ponder if the challenges are truly affordability or how strong is the desire?

Now, hear me out, this isn’t a gripe session, or a sales pitch – it’s a challenge to you, and to me, to really assess where we place our focus.

What is most important to you?

What do you prioritize when it comes to your business, your wallet, and your mindset?

Consider this: our private coaching program offers unprecedented value—half the price of similar programs on the market with twice the one-on-one time. Yet, the perception of value remains a hurdle for some. This discrepancy in perceived value versus cost is not unique to us; it happens everywhere and underscores a fundamental truth about human nature—we only pay for what we value most.

A Tale of Two Investments: Toilets, Showers, and Business Decisions

Side note: I bought a $9k toilet this spring and was grumpy about it until I considered my mom bought a $10k shower, and her project had nothing to do with what happens with your do-do!

You see, that’s where the aha is! When we are at the crux of having a big decision, it’s easy to fall back on the phrase, I can’t afford that. But the reality is, we pay for it one way or another. If I really want that second bathroom, I can pay a skilled plumber to use his years of knowledge and willingness to crawl through the dirt to run a waste line in January for me, or I can do it myself. Which means, hours of YouTube, and practicing on something I REALLY don’t want to mess up.

Paying with Time or Money: The Cost of Achieving Dreams

No matter what, we pay and the cost of achieving our dreams, of growing and scaling our businesses, often comes in various forms. We pay in our time, in our mistakes, in the delays that occur when we go the route of learning something on our own. And we pay with our bank accounts. One way or another to get to where we want to go, we must pay.

It’s my belief there’s a time and a place for both. There are places in our life and in our business where saving money and learning on our own is the best path. The learning is as much a part of the process as the destination. But when results are on the line, what are you willing to pay for that growth?

This isn’t just about buying a product or a service; it’s about recognizing the value of investing in your growth, your potential, and, ultimately, your success. It’s a gentle reminder that, one way or another, we pay for the lessons we learn. The real question is, how do you choose to pay for yours?

Choosing Your Path: The Value of Expert Guidance

As we navigate these decisions, let’s remember that investing in ourselves, in our growth, and in the systems that support our ambitions is not a cost—it’s a commitment to our future, a testament to what we value most.

In closing, I want to share with you one more reminder and a challenge to reflect on. It’s never too late to change paths. It’s never too late to change your mind, to ask for help and to let someone else be the guide or even do the work for you! Just ask yourself, What do you value, respect, and believe is worth your investment? Your answer to this question might just be the key to unlocking the next level of your entrepreneurial journey.

And if you want a wild story about how I had to learn this lesson for the 1,000th time just this past weekend with a giant pile of rubble, book a call with me and I’ll share!


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