The Power of a Clear Customer Avatar

Why a Clear Customer Avatar is Essential for Your Business Whether you’re a coach, a healer, or an underwater basket weaver, understanding your audience is super important when it comes […]

4 Tips for Creating Websites that Convert

Websites that convert

Websites are an important part of business; that part is a no-brainer (even though there are plenty of very successful businesses that don’t have them – a topic for another […]

My Top Three Favorite Automations

Introduction: In case you didn’t know, or haven’t figured it out yet, I’m rather passionate when it comes to automations and making them work in business. Today I’m going to […]

5 Simple SEO Techniques to Boost Your Google Rankings

Higher Ranking SEO Best Practices

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) can be complex and ever-changing, but implementing SEO best practices can significantly improve your website’s visibility and drive organic traffic. In this guide, […]

Unlocking Growth Through Website Analytics

A Simple Guide to Measuring and Enhancing Your Website Performance Introduction In today’s digital world, a website is crucial for any small business owner. Not only is it an outward […]

How to Remain Invaluable to Your Customers

This blog is a continuation of last week’s blog, How to Become Invaluable to Your Customers. Last week we discussed how to provide value to your customers during the first […]

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