4 Steps to a Successful Mindset

You want to be successful. You are working very hard to be successful. Yet, you don’t feel you have achieved success. Why is that? It doesn’t matter what your definition of success is, there is a clear and direct path to it. And more than likely, it is you that is blocking this path. To […]

3 Habits To Adopt Today That Will Make You A Successful Entrepreneur

habit #1 focus

It can be surprising for someone who has just started their own business how much work actually goes into getting things going strong as an entrepreneur with no support system at all! With an estimated 50% of businesses failing within five years due largely because their founders made mistakes early on such as not having […]

Oh Look… A Shiny Object

As one of the many kiddos of the 80’s diagnosed with ADD and learning issues, I quite literally have millions of ideas running around in my head at any one time. There’s never a dull moment, I don’t nap well (or at all) and I really struggle with all the shiny objects…squirrel!  In business, this […]

Vulnerability is a Powerful Key to Success

For starters, this is not the topic that was on deck to write about this week, but it needed to be written nonetheless, so here we are. It’s worth mentioning on the woo spectrum (totally made up), I am a highly intuitive human and business owner.  I came out of the womb with a strong […]

Proven Tips for Growing Revenue through Client Retention

The year 2022 marks eight years in business for me. Some days I think it feels like it’s been eight years and others I am absolutely amazed by what I and now we have accomplished. Back then I was super committed to being behind the scenes and I loved doing short projects with clients. While […]

How to Start Automating Your Business

At Confluence Business Solutions, 2022 came in like a high speed jet, both in business and at home. We set some big goals for our home life and even bigger ones for the business. Then we put our heads down and got busy.  Busy is usually a good thing right? If you read the blog […]

5 Ways To Set Business/Marketing Goals That Last

Setting goals for your business marketing strategy is a smart move. You know where you are in your business right now, where you want to be, so you set your marketing goals to support that growth. But just like some of our best intentioned New Year’s resolutions, setting goals and KEEPING goals are two very […]

Conquer the Chaos – The Eisenhower Matrix

“The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.” ~D.D. Eisenhower As we get started with the new year, I would love to say that I came back from a nice holiday break refreshed and rejuvenated, In all honesty, I sat at my desk, grateful for the time away,  and appreciative for the […]

What does bravery look like in your business?

What does bravery look like in your business? Last week I took a big step for Confluence Business Solutions. I hosted my first live webinar. For those of you in attendance, thank you and read on for the behind the scenes courage that made that possible!! For those of you that have done this before, […]