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Expansion / Adulthood

Few businesses make it to this stage. You're seen as an industry leader. You have great experience under your belt, both as an expert in your field and as an entrepreneur.  You've got a highly functioning team, well established systems and processes in place that allow the business to run efficiently without you.

Now is the time to start considering, next steps. Do you want to start another business? Do you want to sell this one? Would there be potential in entering a new market with the existing business? At this stage of business, it's important to look at what innovation looks like both today and for your future. 

What Now?

Now that you have your results..

We've sent you an email that dives deeper into the barriers that are likely keeping you in this stage of business, as well as some resources to help you move to the next level.

The next step is to build a plan to move past the elements that are holding you back, so you can move towards a new level of freedom