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Never Let a Lead Slip Through the Cracks Again

I'd like to begin with sharing why we start with these two campaigns. Over the years, I have found that in order to make automation work really well it takes time in the beginning to set it up. And right now you are excited and motivated and therefore you deserve a win! These two campaigns are easy to set up and easy to manage and maintain. Also, regardless on where you are in your business journey or Keap journey, you probably have a few contacts you'd really like to connect with.

So in a matter of just a few minutes you can not only get two entire campaigns set up and running, you can start funneling leads into one or both of these campaigns.

These two campaigns are at the top of my favorites list! The reason is that while they fit nicely as a part of your marketing automation funnel, they can be used at any point in a sales cycle. Take a look...

Your Reconnection Campaign is a place to send contacts that you have lost contact with, but want to reengage. Let's say for example, you went to a conference or a networking event and you met a bunch of people. Whether you followed up at the time or not, you can still reconnect with them with a little help from automation.

Our second campaign is our Free Consultation/Strategy Call. This campaign is geared toward engaging that contact you just met with the end goal of inviting them to book some time to learn more about you and to get to know one another. 

In your resource section, you'll find some activities that will help prepare you for the module as well as swipe email copy. This is the copy in the campaigns and is intended to help you add your special touch. 

Have fun!

🚨 Important - Don't forget to publish your changes before beginning use of this campaign. Your campaign has published your most recent changes when the icons are all bright emerald green.

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