Let' Get Some Leads!

Make a memorable first impression every time! Welcome your prospect into your community and consistently deliver great value without ever missing a beat. That's what a good lead capture and indoctrination campaign should do for you. It should make it easy for your new lead to begin building know, like, and trust with you by learning about who you are, what you do and how you can help them. 

We've created some resources that are designed to help you begin thinking about how to build a strategy for your ideal client. But before we can implement this strategy, it's crucial to know who your ideal client is. Even if you've completed exercises like this in the past, it's imperative to revisit this from periodically and as your business grows. 

Next, when you're ready, you will find a google doc in the resources section that has all the email copy for the delivery and indoctrination sequences in your campaign. Feel free to make a copy of this for yourself and then tweak it to your own voice and brand.

🚨 Important - Don't forget to publish your changes before beginning use of this campaign. Your campaign has published your most recent changes when the icons are all bright emerald green.

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