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About Me

Christi Norfleet

Founder of Confluence Business Solutions

Hi, I’m Christi and I created this Fail Proof Framework to help coaches and healers just like you overcome the biggest challenge - finding clients.

After working with coaches and healing professionals over the past seven years, I appreciate the heart and soul you put into your work. I've also learned that, for many coaches and healers, the business side isn't easy, intuitive or exciting.

Helping people heal and overcome their problems is what you do best. And that's honorable. But if you're struggling to find clients, you're missing out on huge opportunities to help people who need and value you.

Having a system that naturally attracts great clients- without spending thousands of dollars or wasting hours of your time - eliminates the guessing, the chasing and the worrying around how you find clients.

I'll take you step-by-step through this vital first phase of The Fail Proof Framework so you can overcome your biggest problem - finding clients - by using a proven system that works, even when you're not.

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