Ready to kiss procrastinating, feeling
overwhelmed, and getting crappy 
results buh-bye… so you make more
money in your business? 

Heck, yeah you are! 

Plan, Produce & Profit for Creative Freelancers and Consultants

Get Clear, Stay Focused and Make More Money in Business

This audio course bundle helps you get clear about what really matters to you, stay focused, and make time for the right things, so you make more money in your business.

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  • Constantly switching between tasks and to-do items so you rarely make meaningful progress on anything
  • Spinning your wheels trying to figure out what to do next
  • Little to no time to develop your own products and services, like an online course, lead magnet or membership offer
  • Never quite clear about what you should be focusing on to grow your business and revenue
  • Feeling like an underpaid and undervalued employee instead of BOSS in your own business
  • Tired of putting your creative dreams and goals on hold, always waiting for some day to come
  • Paying for all kinds of courses and programs but never having the time to follow through
  • Staying stuck in a cycle of rise, work, barely make ends meet, repeat

If any of these (or all of them) ring true for you - It's not your fault.

You’re missing the vital step when it comes to being productive and getting what you want. And it’s costing you BIG TIME!


What if there was a faster and simpler way to work towards and achieve your biggest goals that led to you making more money in business?    

How would your life and business change if…

  • You were in command over your time and how you spent it.
  • You got highly focused and engaged with your top goals because they align with what truly matters to you.
  • You designed a schedule that works they way you do so you never feel overwhelmed or confused about what to do next.
  • You had more time and energy to do what you wanted to do.
  • You achieved your top goals faster than you expected.

And all of the above resulted in you making more money in business in a very short amount of time?

This isn’t a pipe dream.

This is the result of having the key steps and the support you’ve been missing until now…


Plan, Produce & Profit

Get Clear, Stay Focused and Make More Money in Business in Just 30 Days!

Audio Download

Fillable Workbook

Planning Templates

Plan, Produce & Profit guides you step-by-step in creating your plan, taking smart daily action on your top goals and focusing on the right things so you make more money in business in less than 30 days. 

Only $37

Lock in this special price when you order by October 30, 2021!

Here's What You'll Get

Downloadable Plan, Produce & Profit audio course guides you through 4 simple steps so you can easily implement what you learn immediately! (Value $29.99)

The Plan, Produce & Profit PDF workbook to complement the audio course training. This is where you’ll actually apply what you learn so you start making progress. (Value $19.99)

This is Your Life Roadmap downloadable Guided Audio Meditation to get clear about what’s really important to you and what you want to achieve six months from now.   (Value $14.99)

Downloadable Planning Templates & Worksheets Daily Planning, Week Ahead Planning. TOP 3 Goals Action Plan Worksheet (Value $39.99)

Build In Success Scheduling Training Video How to use Google Calendar and Color Coding to Train Your Brain to Focus and Succeed (Value $37)

That’s over $600 in value but it’s yours now for only $37 when you order by October 30, 2021!

Here's What's in it For You?

Plan, Produce & Profit takes you step by step through a proven process that helps creatives just like you:

  • Get clear about what’s really important to you and what’s worth your time, energy and creativity
  • Create your MUST DO LIST of your top 3-5 goals so you stay focused on the things that really matter
  • Fun and easy process for breaking down goals so they are doable
  • Design a schedule that works the way you do
  • Discover a simple way to train your brain to get important tasks done with less effort
  • Map out your time using a proven formula for success
  • Create a roadmap of the life you want to be living 6 months from now
  • Fun ways to boost your energy and creativity when you need them most
And did we mention you can do all of this in less than 30 days? 

Yep. For reals, y’all!

Here’s What You’ll learn in Plan, Produce & Profit

How to use our unique This is Your Life Roadmap exercise to reverse engineer and bring your future self into a living experience right now. 

How to get ultra clear on what’s really important so you stop wasting precious time and energy.

How to align your values with your top 3-5 goals so you follow through instead of fizzle out.

How to get to the why of what you want so you stay motivated in action and achieve your goals.

How to create a practical action plan so BIG goals get accomplished faster. 

How to break down BIG goals into easy to do action steps so you make serious progress quickly.

How to become a MASTER over time instead of a servant to it by placing value on your most precious resource (this is a super fast way to see what you’re doing that keeps you from getting what you really want).

How to find your most creative time of day and how to use it to produce the results you want in less time. 

How to design a schedule (including no and low tech tool options) that works the way you do so you stay committed to your top goals.

By the end of this course, you’ll never have to worry about how you’ll find the time to take action on your big goals and dreams again!

Wait… all this for only $37?

Yep, when you order by October 30, 2021! Because there is no better time than right now to focus on what you really want. If recent times have taught us anything it’s that we won’t be here forever. 

Don’t put off your dreams and goals another minute longer! We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to get clear, stay focused and make more money in business!

Grab Plan, Produce & Profit Now and Let’s Do This!

Only $37

Lock in this special price when you order by October 30, 2021!

Who’s the Perfect Fit?

Plan, Produce & Profit is right for any - yes, any - business owner, freelancer or consultant who wants to move out of meaningless tasks and move into focus-driven, purposeful projects that actually drive business growth and revenue.

Whether you have years of experience running your business or you’re just starting out, Plan, Produce & Profit is for you.

Service Based Freelancers & Consultants
Stuck in a feast or famine cycle (this struggle is real, especially for service based providers) or, you’ve got more work than you can handle!
When you learn how to use your best time of day to focus on what’s really important, you can produce products and service offerings that make money without trading your time. This is the key to running a sustainable and profitable business. 

Creative Solopreneurs
You are always coming up with new and exciting ideas. Finding the time and the energy to focus is your biggest struggle. There is a way to systematize how you plan and produce new products and services so you can consistently increase your product or service suite. More products/services = more potential revenue. 

Grab Plan, Produce & Profit Now and Let’s Do This!

Only $37

Lock in this special price when you order by October 30, 2021!

Meet the Course Creators

Nothing excites us more than guiding our clients in doing business smarter, faster and better so they get the results they want.

After years serving clients while also building our businesses, we noticed a HUGE gap when it came to service-based consultants and freelancers. 

The #1 obstacle for many of service-based freelancers and consultants was they never made time or had the energy to do what really drives a sustainable business.

Instead, they stayed stuck on a cycle of meaningless (and endless) tasks lists that didn’t produce the money, the freedom or the lifestyle they wanted. 

Not gonna lie.

We had to learn the hard way…

Spinning our wheels, working on the wrong things and getting derailed by shiny objects (aka squirrels).

Working with hundreds of clients and applying what we learned in our own businesses, we discovered a simple 4-step process that produced radical results for us and our clients…

This quick and easy process helped our clients get clear and stay focused so they actually had the time and energy to focus on the highest priorities - the ones that made them more money. 

While it took us years to develop and refine this 4-step process, you can implement it in less than 30 days!

Christi Norfleet
Marketing Technologist, Systems Leader & Business Growth Coach

Christi is the master of all things super techy. She is the go to gal for website development, graphic design, funnel building and integrations. There is really nothing Christi can’t figure out because she LOVES finding solutions. This has resulted in major financial and business growth wins for her clients.

Kellly Stokes Brown
Marketing & Sales Copywriter, Lead Gen Expert & Business Vision Coach

Kelly is a wordsmith and is the go to gal for all things related to messaging, marketing and sales. She writes compelling copy that consistently converts for websites, email campaigns, lead generation and more! She has a proven track record of success including generating over $2 million in sales for her clients. Plus, she LOVES processes and systems that automate tasks to free up time, energy and creativity for her clients.


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And don’t forget - you’ll have additional support once you snag Plan, Produce & Profit by October 30, 2021! 

Grab Plan, Produce & Profit Now and Let’s Do This!

Only $37

Lock in this special price when you order by October 30, 2021!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is this going to take out of my already busy week?
We made this SUPER simple so you can make progress FAST! In as little as 7 days, you’ll get clear, know exactly what to focus on, and have an action plan for getting your top priorities accomplished. 

What if I buy this course but don’t get results in 30 days? 
We know the biggest setback for freelancers and solopreneurs is not having a system in place to focus on their highest priorities. While we can't guarantee you'll make more money in 30 days, we can promise you that by following these steps and taking action, you will be more productive and create more space in your day to do the things that matter.

I’m not sure I’m at the right level yet to do this.
If you’re motivated and willing to do what it takes to succeed and reach your goals - THIS is perfect for you! If you’re a tire kicker… not so much. 

I’ve signed up for all kinds of productivity and goal setting courses in the past and they didn’t work. How is Plan, Produce & Profit any better? 
Uh...yeah, we know. Because we’ve been down those long, windy roads too (scenic, but not the best route for radical results) And the more popular programs led by time-management and productivity gurus simply don’t work for freelancers and creatives because they miss the most vital step - having a proven productivity system in place and using it.

And if You're Still Thinking...

Um, this all sounds great but I’m just way too busy to do this!

The question to ask yourself is…

What is it costing you to stay stuck and continually put your goals and dreams on hold?
  • Sleep
  • Security
  • Enjoying the simple pleasures in life
  • Fun
  • Freedom
  • Quality time with loved ones
  • Joy
  • Fulfilling level of success

Your dreams and goals deserve your time, energy and focus because pursuing what you most want is the direct path to true freedom, joy, success and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Ready to never have to wonder where or on what you’ll spend your time, energy and
creativity again so you can finally achieve your biggest goals?

(Um, HECK YEAH you are)

Get Clear, Stay Focused and Make More

Money in Business in

Less than 30 Days!


Only $37

Lock in over $600 of value for just $37 when you take action by October 30, 2021!

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.