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What is Sales & Marketing Automation

With the use of technology, automation eliminates repetitive manual tasks by building systems to aid in better management of prospect & customer follow up, pipeline management, onboarding, invoicing and more, allowing you the business owner more time and freedom to focus on the most pressing parts of your business. 

Why Sales & Marketing Automation

Are you looking to automate your business? Or perhaps you have dabbled in some marketing automation and you want to make an upgrade. We help you identify the best tools based on your time, budget and technical goals.  

Our team is passionate about staying on-top of the trends and products that are leading the way in online marketing. We use the best products while following the ever changing best practices of sales and marketing automation to create custom solutions for each business.

We work with clients to train and empower the DIY’er just as well as come in to be your marketing team for a project, or a launch or for ongoing sales and marketing needs. 

We are here to make your goals and dreams a reality!

Automation on a Mission

We are so thrilled to be able to introduce our very own solution! Automation on a Mission is a complete all-in-one technology AND Marketing Strategy built in one location. 

We created Automation on a Mission to answer the challenges and struggles that our clients deal with everyday.

Automation on a Mission helps support small businesses by creating automating every part of the client/customer journey while providing a supportive environment to learn, grow and scale.

Christi Norfleet

Sales & Marketing Automation Retainer

Have an expert team walking side by side to help you turn your sales & marketing goals a reality.

Sales & Marketing Project Packages

This is great for Automation on a Mission and Keap users that only have occasional needs that come up from time to time. It’s great having an automations expert on your side, ready to help!

Offered in 10-hour blocks, our project packages can be used with Automation on a Mission or Keap and their supporting tools. 

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