What’s New in Web Development 2020

The Question is, What Isn’t New?

In this constantly changing environment, advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is leading the forefront. Retail stores have been using it for years to leverage data about consumers in order to increase their profits by personalizing ads to their customers. Healthcare has also joined the ranks of those who are reaping the benefits of AI by offering such apps as symptom checkers  and providing access to health records. Look for this trend to continue.

Programming Languages and Frameworks

With so many languages and frameworks to choose from, it may seem overwhelming if you’re interested in becoming a web developer. The good news is with a little research, it’s fairly easy to narrow down which languages are moving towards becoming obsolete  and which frameworks will provide the tools and resources you need to accomplish your specific goals.

Headless CMS and Streamlined Processes

Traditionally developers have started on the user side when designing websites and apps and then adding the appropriate APIs afterwards. This creates a lot of headache as well as heartache in today’s world of interconnectivity between smart phones, mobile devices, homes, cars, gaming systems, wearable tech, and chatbots. By starting with the APIs in mind first, this reduces time, effort and makes things more simplistic.

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