Why Do I love Infusionsoft So Much?

For those of you that don’t know, I love Infusionsoft! I love the software, their commitment and passion to helping small businesses succeed, and their constant focus on improvement. 

Infusionsoft is a sales, marketing and business automation platform in one. While I certainly recognize it is far from perfect, I have a clear understanding of what it can do and what I may need to find a solution for elsewhere. For that, I think Infusionsoft is really good at knowing what they are really good at. Here are a few things I appreciate:

Integration – I am blown away by how easy and powerful integration can be with Infusionsoft. I see Infusionsoft as the hub of all my business solutions and that’s because, if you use it properly, it’s where you store all your clients most important data and well…they are the heart of all our businesses, right? Therefore, all the other things you do only goes to completing the best picture you can of who your clients are, so you may better serve them. Integration with any number of lead magnets, to business solutions and more allows you the opportunity to build and automate without limitation to what you can accomplish. I could go on and on for this one!

Pricing – Truthfully, sometimes I think the promos and specials can be a bit confusing. However, at the end of the day, the pricing for what you get can’t be beat. If you maximize all Infusionsoft has to offer, you get more than your money’s worth. Try to accomplish the same thing elsewhere and you will find that piecing together the different solutions will only end up costing you more money and likely added confusion.

Amazing Customer Service – I learn something new nearly every day. My clients span a wide spectrum of businesses and the creative ideas they come up to meet their ever-changing business needs sometimes stretches beyond my initial imagination. I love being challenged and I love finding solutions to tricky situations. If I have a question, or I want to brainstorm a unique approach to something, I don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get another expert on the phone. They are the kindest hardest working people I know. I love trading ideas with them and sometimes even blowing their mind with some pretty fancy footwork. 

Visual Campaign Builder – Other automation solutions offer automation and they may even offer a drag-and-drop automation builder, but I really appreciate how the campaign builder has grown over the years and how I can track and monitor not only who is at what sequence in a campaign, but get down into the granular details of which stage in a sequence there are queued up to…oh and then the ability to manually stop and start someone based on what I’m seeing in their engagement. 

If we work together or you are exploring ways to simplify your business, I encourage you to look at Infusionsoft. I’m always happy to share more amazing features that help my clients everyday. Click here to learn more.


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