You Bought Infusionsoft, Now What?

Here’s a scenario that I find very common. Small business owner participates in a mastermind, or attends an event, or has a business colleague that they look up to with great envy. In the comings and goings of business, something happens, and the business owner takes the leap and invests in Infusionsoft.

Maybe at the event they got caught up in an inspiring sales pitch and video, or at the mastermind or business buddy, a bit of FOMO kicks in…you know the fear of missing out. Regardless you made a decision that growing and automating your business was going to be a priority. You are ready! So now what?? Great question! This blog post covers a few helpful points for what to expect after you made your decision and signed up. Saddle up!

Your Invitation –There are quite a few places where the onboarding journey can split off and we will cover them down below, but no matter how you decided to enter the Infusionsoft community, you will always start with an official invitation.  Often times this happens in just a few short hours after you sign up and lets you know that an account has been created. This email informs you of your Infusionsoft ID and the URL to access your app. I always recommend clients keep that email handy because it has that quick link to your unique app.

 Log In –When you click on the link to your unique app, it will take you to an Infusionsoft sign in page. Here you will be prompted to create a password or if you already have one, to log in to your account. Note, Infusionsoft requires that you change your password ever three months and will not allow you to use the same password for three times. I always recommend to my clients to come up with a consistent password structure that is easy to change but remember. 

 Get Yourself Oriented –Now this is where things begin to split off depending upon how you made your purchase. Infusionsoft’s sales model changes frequently. At the time of this blog post, a new user can sign on for as little as $49 a month. Now for those of you that have been long-time customers don’t get your feathers ruffled, this is for a teeny tiny package, on the new user platform with limited access in areas such as ecommerce and sales. Moreover, it comes with no training whatsoever.

It is not uncommon for Infusionsoft to be dubbed “confusionsoft” and this is unfortunate. This comes from individuals that did not have a great experience getting onboarded or none whatsoever. I always recommend new users never cut corners when it comes to the training. Whether someone is getting started with Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Active Campaign or another solution, the key to successful adoption is your understanding and buy-in to use the solution and the best way to do that is to have someone teach you. The money you spend on training will more than pay for itself when you are making more money with the solution because you know how it works and are using it to its fullest potential. 

As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, I LOVE to teach new users how to use the application. There is nothing better in Infusionsoft-land than helping someone build their confidence and broaden their horizon for how much ease can come as a result of automation. 

So, get in there, click around and get familiar with the menu of options you have to keep yourself organized. Get familiar with how your contact information for each prospect/customer is organized in a contact record, look in the marketing section at how emails are created, set up the settings in your user profile so you are able to have a complete and professional looking signature when you send out an email. Then, if you haven’t scheduled time with a trainer, do that. Do it with me, do it with Infusionsoft, do it with another partner, but whoever you do it with, just do it! There are lots of people out there that will give great advice and help you to prioritize the steps needed to set everything up and launch.

Organize your Timeline –I don’t know about you, but I work best with deadlines. A deadline will prevent you from dragging your feet and stalling you at various stages of the process. While every business is different, there are certain things that need to be set up before a successful launch. Here are a few to consider:

  • Set up any additional user accounts and permission settings
  • Importing contacts
  • Build email and any form templates
  • Create your first campaign (an easy thing to automate right away is what happens when someone fills out your contact us or newsletter form on your website).
  • Set up your sales pipeline and link any ecommerce settings if you are selling items through your Infusionsoft app.
  • Obviously, take your time to get things set up right the first time. However, that timeline helps you get the ball rolling so that you don’t find yourself paying for a solution you can’t use.

Continuing Education –I’ve been using Infusionsoft for six years, alot has changed and I’m still learning new stuff every day. I always recommend that active Infusionsoft users never stop learning. There are plenty of masterminds and training available through Confluence Business Solutions and other partners alike. Additionally, the team at Infusionsoft are there to help. Have a question, ask. I don’t recommend you become an expert Infusionsoft user, unless you want to, but I strongly encourage you to know what you need to know and delegate what you can to someone that loves doing this stuff. Marketing and business automation is not a build it and forget it kind of thing, that’s a myth. Once you overcome one hurdle, let that be the inspiration for the next one. You will surprise yourself when you really get down to all the things you can do to completely transform your business!

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