Campaign Links & Merge Fields – An Infusionsoft Campaign Builder’s Best Friend

A few days ago, I was chatting with a prospective client. I had gone through his Infusionsoft application and let me just tell you, it was a thing of beauty! I have never seen such clean tag organization and complete contact records. Everything had its place, there was not a single contact record titled “No Name” (c’mon, you know what I’m talking about) and everything was sorted into neat tidy buckets and labeled accordingly. Yet when I got to the campaign builder, I found a long list of events and inside each campaign was essentially the same thing and I discovered he was not using campaign links and merge fields and as a result he had a giant growing list of duplicate campaigns.

Now maybe you already know about this nifty tool that Infusionsoft has provided for us, but for many it’s an overlooked asset that can save you tons of time, help reduce error and reduce the need to copy campaigns over and over again. Let me recap what these are and why they are useful:

Campaign Links:Inside the campaign builder, you have the option to set up Campaign links before you begin creating emails, forms and other magic. They are super useful when you are referencing a link multiple times in a single campaign, and/or when a link will be changing often. For example, I have a yearlong campaign that releases a bi-monthly report. There is one link that changes from time to time and rather than having to go into the campaign and make 24 edits every time that link changes, all I have to do is edit the campaign link once and go about my day. To do it manually would likely take me 30-minutes to an hour depending on how fast my internet is that day. 

I also like this tool for quality control. How often are you busy working on a drip campaign that has multiple links scattered through a series of emails. One wrong link makes you and your brand look messy. Why invest in such a powerful tool like Infusionsoft and risk simple mistakes? When you use campaign links, you can organize your links during the preparation phase and then insert them into each email where they need to go, knowing they are going to take your readers to the intended destination.

Campaign Merge Fields: Similar to their brother the campaign link, the merge field is ideal for instances where data is changing frequently. In my example I shared at the beginning of this post, a frequently changing date is a great example of a time when a campaign merge field can save heaps of time. Create the merge data in the campaign builder and set the date one time, then when you are creating your content, use the merge field in place of that static date. Then, next time you have to change that date, bam! One step makes a global change and you don’t risk overlooking one and leaving your readers confused on whether you meant February 8thor February 15th for your next event.

 Want to know where to find this golden nugget? Take a look at the video below for a quick demo on how to make a campaign link and merge field. 

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